The 15'4 offers plenty of fishing room with a weight that will still make it a car top wonder! Sleek and streamlined, the 15'4 paddles effortlessly or flat out cruises with a simple trolling motor or small outboard motor.  There is plenty of room for hunting or camping gear. Along with the options of a brown or green camo, you can sneak up on just about anything with a boat that will float fully loaded in 3 to 5 inches of water

The 15'6 Classic gives you the option of a Gheenoe with a little more room and alot more horsepower.  A 25 HP motor will literally fly you to your favorite fishing hole. The Classic can be outfitted with a wide variety of options such as lights, aerated livewell, bilge pump, swivel seats, poling platforms and so much more. With the Gheenoe's stability and affordability, you know, you can't go wrong. A wide range of colors means you can get one that will work for you.  By the way, if you want something done a little special, give us a call. We make these boats fresh every week to keep up with the demand.  Whatever you want.... we want to provide. 

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  • 15' 4" in length

  • 3' 8" at the beam
  • approximately 120 lbs.

  • capacity 675 lbs.
  • 15" deep transom
  • for short shaft motors

  • (long shaft option available)
  • Maximum — 10 HP

15' 4"  Gheenoe 
  • 15' 6" in length

  • Extra wide 4' 7" beam
  • Approximately 225 lbs.

  • capacity 580 lbs.
  • 15" deep transom for
  • short shaft motors

  • (long shaft options available)
  • Maximum — 25 HP

15' 6"  Gheenoe Classic
When you want the best flats boat, river explorer, lake cruiser, huntin' boat, bass catcher or gator hunter on the planet....step up to a 16' Super.  Nice and wide, the Super gives you all the room you need to fish the flats, carry all that camping gear, load up the dog and decoys or family. With the world famous Gheenoe stability, you know your trip will be a fun and safe one. With a horsepower rating of up to 40 HP, the Super will get you to where you need to go real fast!  You can choose either a tiller, center mounted stick steering, or center console model.  At Gheenoe you have the options.  We want to build the best boat for you....PERIOD!

  • 16' in length

  • Extremely wide 4' 7" beam
  • Approximately 350 lbs.

  • Capacity 650 lbs.

  • 20" transom for long shaft motors

  • US Coast Guard rated to 40 HP

16' Super

  • Length::                  15'4"

  • Beam:                     44"  

  • Draft:                      5"

  • Weight:             98 lbs

  • HorsePower:           5

  • Capacity:                 2

  • Fuel:             Portable

This amazing Gheenoe is a car toppable craft with added front and rear decks. The front hatch opens back to reveal not only dry storage but also allows an angler to put their feet in the dry well and paddle from a  seated position. The rear deck is open from the front to allow for fuel and battery storage. The center box can be used for storage or be plumbed as a live well. At just under 100lbs this amazing little boat offers
unmatched stability for those No Motor Zones. NMZ
15' 4"  Gheenoe 
This boat features a larger footprint with an overall length of 16 feet. New higher gunnels provide more free board and stability. The boat is totally customizable and is only limited to your imagination and budget!

  • Length:                       16'

  • Beam:                          56"

  • Draft:                             5"

  • Max Hp:                         25

  • Capacity:                         3

  • Fuel:                 Portable/Built In

Low Tide 25h
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